That Time I Cancelled My Monthly Subscriptions

Monday, August 29, 2016

After a cancellation survey and two confirmation e-mails, my affair with Birchbox is officially over. I am a graduate, entering the real world with no assistance from facemasks and perfume samples.

I traded the last of my college monthly subscription services for the post-grad version: young professional network memberships.

What made me do it? Instead of makeup samples, I’ll be sampling different careers in my field through mixers and events with other members. It is the perfect way to try out other jobs and learn about careers that interest you without making a dramatic switch of professions. It also costs about the same amount as a box of half-sized beauty elixirs. 

I see young professional networks as an amazing way to connect with others in your field and age group, to understand the world in which you're working and test out a career option before committing to it. Honestly, what could be better? 

Here are some of ideas for networks to join: 

Work-related (like the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network)
Volunteer-related (like Junior League)
Academic/research-related (like Chicago Council on Global Affairs)
Non-profit junior boards (like UNICEF or any boards with the All-A-Board Alliance)

Has anyone else cancelled their subscriptions for something else? 

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