That Time I Got A Full-Time Job

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here's the big news (drumroll please)...

I am officially a working woman, and I love it!

A lot of you probably already know this, but I fell into my role through an internship and then part-time position - which means I can attest to the fact that unpaid internships do pay off somehow, in time - and started my first full-time job at the beginning of this month. I now work at a non-profit, Heshima Kenya, that works to protect, educate and empower refugee women in Kenya. My role is in sales and marketing, and I manage the US side of our social enterprise, the Maisha Collective, which basically means I get to sell beautiful scarves that our women make and tell their story to the world. Pretty cool, eh?

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There are a few adjustments I've had to make, like getting used to the free time I have in the evenings and trying my best to shut down by 6pm. It's also surprised me how much I'm totally okay with not being in school anymore. Is anyone else in this boat?

I loved going to classes, reading about subjects I may never have come across and getting involved in a handful or two of organizations, but I'm also incredibly happy to be able to focus all of my talents on one thing now. And I guess the fact that I'm working for an organization and cause that I feel deeply passionate about doesn't hurt.

Expect to hear a lot more from me as I dive headfirst into the working world!

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