State of the Union: September 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This summer has absolutely flown by. I know people use that expression all the time, but this is the first year where I honestly feel like August did not happen. And now it's September? Oh gosh. I am, however, SO excited for this fall to happen. There's something about this time of year that is just magical. Going back to classes, friends coming back into town, sweater weather and, of course, the delicious PSL make this season a very close second to summer.

With the start of September, I thought I'd clue you all in on what's going on in my hectic, crazy life because, well, I keep writing and you keep reading so I might as well!

 back to the lake for Labor Day weekend, but then I'm all yours, Chicago!

 to lots of new music (I'll share soon!) but especially Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, it just seems to go so well with the winding down of summer/beginning of chillier weather

the schedule for my LAST quarter as an undergraduate student. And it's packed, of course! (if you thought that "last" read "lsat" at first, you're not the only one..I scared myself a bit)

about this capsule wardrobe idea - perfect for someone who is on-the-go a lot like me! 

a nice, dark red lipstick to go with my neutrals this season - suggestions? [comment below]

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