Real Talk: On Being A Hermit

Friday, August 21, 2015

The other day, sitting in a coffee shop in Old Town, I found out a co-worker of mine is also a blogger. We instantly connected over being in the same networks and knowing some of the same Chicago bloggers. She brought up some events, specifically spinning classes that had been held as of late. Then she asked why I hadn't gone to the blogger spin class.

All I could think about was my previous experience resulting in a week-long sore booty and how I did not want to attend another cycle class for a long while. But then I started to ponder  why did I really not go?

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Living by myself has been a blessing. I love having my own space, not having to worry about other peoples' schedules and walking around without pants on most of the time. I even love the not-so-great things about it, like having to fix things on my own and being accountable for all of my bills getting in on time. It has been a grand experiment in growing up and the crazy amount of responsibility that entails.

But living by myself has also been a curse. I don't have the convenience of being able to hang out with roommates, and I have to make plans if I want to see my friends. Most days, I don't mind texting/calling to see what others are up to. Other days, I am so exhausted from work that I'd rather just go home and binge watch some television series by myself.

The latter has been happening more and more often in recent months. I chalked it up to a busy summer schedule with a good chunk of my friends having gone home. But when my co-worker asked why I hadn't been going to events, I realized it that maybe it was something more. Maybe I'd become a bit of a hermit. I stopped engaging with the blogger community because my efforts to make plans were going elsewhere, and eventually those efforts were becoming obsolete. I've known for a little while that I have introvert tendencies, which I've come to accept, but it didn't hit me entirely until this moment.

I think it is incredibly important to be able to hang out with yourself  to go places, do things, eat and shop alone. My fierce independence and easily-entertained brain have made this possible since I can remember.

I do, however, think that it's just as important to make an effort with other people. Sitting alone at home with Netflix is not going to make new friends, find new interests or even land a new gig.

Being a hermit is so comfortable, but making an effort is so much more worthwhile.

Do you tend to "hermit" sometimes? What do you do to get yourself out of the house? 

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