That Time We Took A Break

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Any blogger knows that their blog is pretty much an online relationship with his/her readers. I write, you read, we get along. Sometimes you're smitten with me, sometimes I'm a bit too much to handle, but at the end of the day, we just have too much at stake to let each other go. So what happens when I don't want to write anymore?

My months-long hiatus from blogging (unannounced, sorry) was perhaps a bit abrupt, but I needed to get away from the superficiality of the blogosphere. For a while, I told myself that maybe I couldn't be a blogger anymore because I didn't want to write any more posts about the latest pom-pom trend or my favorite moisturizer (Gorgeous from Lush, by the way), or the millions of listicles that make me want to cry my eyes out but also I can't stop reading because the digital age has shortened my attention-span to a painstakingly small amount of time. Whew.

I want to write real, personal, me things. I want you all to know my stance on issues, because I want to know my stance on issues. And I don't know what I want this space to be - probably because I haven't quite figured out what its author wants to be either. I don't want to to be clean, because life is far too messy.

Some days I want it to be a creative space for writing and design, others a ranting platform for my political junkie side, and even some I want it to be an exposition in photojournalism. That's what they don't tell you about being a jack of all trades... Eventually, you have to choose one or drown in the pressure of maintaining multiple different lives. I won't say I'm not up for the challenge - diplomat by day, photojournalist by night (or vice versa)? Sounds like perfection. But I am saying that the world hasn't quite caught up to those of us who prefer to dabble in the many instead of shooting for the one. I'm an aspiring diplomat in a world of marketing majors, and sometimes, I just want to hop on a plane to anywhere.

So, bear with me as I transform this space into whatever I'm turning into. It's bound to be a wild ride.

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