State of the Union: April 2nd 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I fell off the blogosphere again. That seems to happen in winter months, doesn't it? It's a little counterintuitive, because you'd think with all that snow and cold, I'd want to stay in and write, but it honestly makes me so lethargic. I was made for warmer weather in more ways than one!

Now that spring quarter has begun and Chicago is out of its (seemingly permanent) frozen state, things have taken a turn for the better. There's just something about long strolls sans a parka that cannot be explained. I'm gearing up for the busiest quarter yet - with my fall graduation creeping closer, full course load, work schedule, internships and a heavy social calendar - but, if you didn't know by know, I do my best when I'm busy! So here's a little update on where I stand at the moment:

to punk-rock throwback playlists. Nothing has me in a better mood than jamming out to some All Time Low! 

 home for Easter - which I am so excited for - and not much else. My travel bug days have been put on hold to make room for academics and (oh boy) and actual career?

my summer in Chicago. Internship(s) and work are on the horizon. A couple concerts and lots of times with good friends are a definite. Any ideas on things I should look into?

 about my move at the end of this month..I still can't believe I'm picking up and moving again, but I'm also unbelievably excited for my new place!

more energy! I've been slacking on setting a good routine for myself so far and I'm looking for this nice long weekend to recuperate and get on track. 

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  1. Cannot wait to have you home for Easter! January 3rd was way too long ago!


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