My Grateful Heart: Vol. V

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Weekly Grateful Heart is a series inspired by the very things that surround me. I have heard of gratitude journals for years, but was not convinced of their credibility until my second year of college, where a good friend told me that gratitude would change my life if I gave it a try. She is an amazing individual and proponent of happy, healthy living, so in an effort to be a little more like her, and as a version of the "start every day with a grateful heart" mantra, these are the things I am grateful for, week by week. 

If you haven't noticed, I took out the "weekly" in the title of this because, let's be honest, my life moves at a crazy fast pace and I don't have time to write down my blessings every Sunday. That's not to say I don't reflect on them. I just have a tougher time getting them into a formatted post to share with you all. But lo and behold, I've had a moment in my wonderfully busy life to formally think about all the great things surrounding me.

I just recently moved back to Chicago and have started classes again. Getting settled into my old place has been surprisingly difficult, mostly because so many little things have changed since last year. But I am so thankful for the amazing constants I have in my life.

  • Wonderful "sisters" that actually act like sisters, and make me feel at home in this big city
  • An incredible best friend that helped me move in and organize my life 
  • Parents that would drop everything and drive hours for me 
  • Generosity from all of my friends and family over the holiday season and more 
  • A warm, cozy, secure studio apartment that I get to call home 
  • The best luck in the world 
  • Talents and experiences that lead me to new ones 
  • Great teachers in all of my classes 
  • A short commute to school (I hate icy sidewalks!) 
  • A trusty collection of boots & a giant puffer coat for the winter season 
  • The opportunity to live in Chicago 
  • Friends that support and drive me to be my best self 
  • Netflix for those days when I'm not feeling too hot 
  • A fully stocked fridge 
  • The ability to exercise 
  • Late night conversations with old friends 
  • Cute salt & pepper shakers 
  • Heated blankets 
  • Crock pot recipes 
  • Running into people you haven't seen in a while 
  • Keeping a positive attitude 
  • A giant mug of hot tea after a long day

What are you grateful for?
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  1. I am exstatic by the fact that "heated blankets" made this list! ;)
    I am so thankful for you.


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