Foodie Review: G's Really Nice Place

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

If you clicked on this because of the name, you wouldn't be the first. I originally found the restaurant when browsing through brunch recommendations for Amsterdam, and its strange name caught my attention. And I am so glad it did!

This quirky, cozy place was not the easiest to find, but it's nestled in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, and a real treasure once you stumble upon its door. We headed here before a full day of tourism, and I couldn't imagine a better start to a long day! 

The whole place screamed "indie" - the menus were printed on old records, the items all had witty names and tables were adorned with comic strip-inspired tablecloths. Our server was fantastic and seated us right away. We ordered drinks shortly after, mimosas for the rest of the girls and a bloody mary for me (I was craving the savory). It should be noted that they have an entire menu dedicated to bloody marys, so they don't mess around. And goodness, mine was delicious!

We enjoyed sipping on our brunch cocktails and marveling at the art around the place, as well as the people, of course. Once again, that all-white style that I loved so much from our rented apartment made an appearance. Maybe I should just move to the Netherlands?
Our food came out not long after; I had a heaping plate of hot breakfast - eggs, toast, bacon and danish potatoes, oh my! It was exactly as yummy as it looks.

 There was something so charming about this place, and with their extensive menu, I wish I could have returned for another meal! Highly recommend for a relaxed brunch (and delicious cocktails) on your next trip to Amsterdam.

Have you ever been to G's Really Nice Place? Would you want to go? What are some of your favorite brunch spots? 

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  1. haha! Those menus are fantastic! Definitely NOT what I would have expected to find in Amsterdam. I went to an amaaaazing brunch place while I was there, but sadly I can't remember the name of it. It was right around the corner from the Anne Frank house, though!


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