State of the Union: November 14, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

My, oh my, these past months have been such a whirlwind for me. Between arriving in France, getting adjusted to classes, making new friends, traveling with my roomies for fall break and now cramming in everything we can until we leave (plus dealing with finals), there has been hardly enough time for me to breathe. But, because I love my readers (YOU!) so much, I'm taking a moment to update you on the state of affairs in my life:

 on a few last-minute weekend trips before I leave - stay tuned to my Facebook page & Instagram for where I end up!

 well, I lost my headphones, so nothing at the moment, but I would be listening to my latest favorite 8tracks playlist, featuring Hozier, Bastille & Kodaline

 out my life for next year & beyond; I keep bouncing between wanting an internship in diplomacy, an internship in travel/writing and now I've added international law to the mix...oy vey

about where I'm going to live this January - apartment hunt, here I come!

more time to travel around Europe, although I'm sure I'll be back someday soon. Oh! And a new planner (like this KSNY one) for the coming academic year

 photo 4c7c3792-4cab-4378-973e-a9aba709ab12_zps08fdd915.jpg

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