State of the Union: September 18th

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aside from a couple of posts here and there, I've been really slacking on the whole blog thing lately. Granted, I am in Paris and have a lot going on. But between my classes, impromptu adventures and pain au chocolats, I've found a bit of time to give you all my version of a State of the Union address!

 To Germany this weekend to visit my former exchange student, Xenia - it's been about two years since we last saw each other, so you could say I'm excited...

To Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", even though I know it's incredibly cliché and bubblegum pop-y, I just can't help but sing along.. it's so catchy!

A trip to Nice, France with Luisa next weekend! And then my school's 10-day fall break at the end of October with my lovely roommates. Dublin, Budapest & Prague are all on the list - any recommendations for things to do or see?

About my future, as always. Photojournalism really caught my eye this summer, and now I'm toying with the idea of doing my Master's degree in France.

Autumn weather with leaves falling, mugs full of cider & riding boots. It's been unbearably warm here in Paris and I'm so ready for sweater weather to commence already!

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  1. haha shake it off is so great, and have fun in germany!!


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