My Weekly Grateful Heart: Vol. 1

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Weekly Grateful Heart is a series inspired by the very things that surround me. I have heard of gratitude journals for years, but was not convinced of their credibility until my second year of college, where a good friend told me that gratitude would change my life if I gave it a try. She is an amazing individual and proponent of happy, healthy living, so in an effort to be a little more like her, and as a version of the "start every day with a grateful heart" mantra, these are the things I am grateful for, week by week. 

  • A warm mug of coffee
  • Sitting on my back porch during a rainstorm
  • Fitting room fashion shows with my best friend
  • Learning about new people
  • Sleeping with the window open (you already knew that)
  • Being able to run
  • Finding good deals on comfy clothes
  • Movies that make you think
  • Yoga in the morning
  • Pretty glassware
  • Family friends that feel more like family
  • Having a father that fills up my car's gas tank just because
  • Impromptu dance parties
  • The quiet of a summer night in the country
  • Lunch dates with my father
  • Cucumber water
  • Long walks with my mother
  • Reading old letters from people I care about
  •  New luggage
  • The opportunity to travel the world 
  • A good lobster bisque

What are you grateful for this week? 
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My Weekly Grateful Heart


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