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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Confession: I'm not huge on beauty products. I usually find something I like and stick with it until the brand itself discontinues - hey, I'm a loyal consumer, okay? 

Recently I've been trying to find a new routine for my hair because, like most women, I can never get it to look exactly as I'd like it. My problem is more in the range of not staying the same color, like ever. And yes, for those that don't know, I don't dye or highlight my hair like this, it does it on its own. Some days I love the whole multidimensional look, but there are some days where I am so multidimensionally over my copper strands. My go-to shampoo has been the John Frieda for blondes collection for a good two years now, and while it works like a charm in keeping my hair fresh but silky, it has also kept it lighter than I'd like. 

This summer, I decided to take the plunge and dye it. I used a temporary dye at first...and I fell IN LOVE. Dark hair is definitely for me. But before I make a more permanent change, I knew I needed to change up the hair care routine. So I took the plunge again and bought an entire new locks line-up from LUSH cosmetics. 

It was life-changing, seriously. Take a look at my haul & what I think of it all:

BIG shampoo
So first up was the pot of shampoo - I know it's weird, but I promise it's worth a try. You just scoop a bit out (however much you need for your hair length/density), lather it up and massage it through your locks. I was surprised at how easily it rinsed out with those big sea salt pieces! It definitely gave my hair the extra 'oomph' without that waxy feeling. 

Seanik shampoo
I've only used this once, but it was very similar to the BIG shampoo, except with pieces of seaweed for extra shine. My sun-tired hair felt a little more rejuvenated (and much more silky) after just one wash. And the fact that it's a solid makes it perfect for travel. I'm hooked!

BIG solid conditioner
I've never really been one to get the matching conditioner, but I'm so glad I did for this round. The solid conditioner is a little strange to get used to at first, but it's like a bar of soap. Lather on your hands with water, then work through hair and rinse. I'm mostly in love with this because of the smell it leaves with my hair the whole day - yum!

Sea Spray hair mist
After my family's vacation to Hawaii this past December, I became an avid fan of salt water...and the amazing things it did to my hair! I love how the natural salt gives all the right waves to my look, and this spray has a tiny bit of gel to help hold those waves in place throughout my day. 

Ocean Salt Scrub - the cutest sample you ever did see!
And even though this doesn't have to do with my hair, I couldn't pass up a trial of their famous cleansing scrub. It smells amazing and makes my skin so happy. 
Plus, free samples are always okay in my book!

Have you tried any of these (or other) LUSH products? Any recommendations for hair care routine additions? Also, any advice for dying my hair with a permanent dye is much appreciated!


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