La Mode & Moi: Weekend Edition

Saturday, July 19, 2014

La Mode & Moi (meaning 'fashion and me' in French) is a series on my everyday style to give you all a glimpse into my classic taste with a european flair, as well as how to make ordinary looks a little more fun! 

I absolutely adore getting all dolled up and wearing detailed outfits - I'm probably one in a million that doesn't mind having to fuss with a piece of clothing to keep it proper or to wear something that isn't exactly comfortable merely in the name of fashion. I blame all of my years as a dancer, where wardrobe malfunctions were a day-to-day thing, adjustments were constantly being made and sometimes you had to perform a piece in a costume that itched like a bad bug bite.

But there is something very kind to be said for weekends spent lounging around in clothing that doesn't require a single zip, clasp or strap...

My favorite outfit for easy-going weekends has & will most likely always be my patterned, crepe cloth pants and a comfy, cotton shirt. I got these pants from a small village market just outside of Istanbul, Turkey (for about $7 - unheard of, I know). I bought them last summer during my time in Turkey because the heat called for lightweight clothing and while I had that covered for tops, I was lacking in breezy bottoms.

Ever since I bought them, I've kept them tucked away in my pajama drawer - they feel like pajamas, okay? - for days when I have errands to run, but still want to stay comfy. The best part about these is that I can wear them barefoot with no jewelry (heck, no make-up either) or I can pull them together a bit with some simple gold bangles and nude flats.

 And, if we're being honest, I just love how they bring out my world-traveler side and make me look a little more exotic!

What is your favorite lounging outfit? Do you own a pair of crepe cloth pants?


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  1. Hi! I adore your blog and your style! I, too, am a lover of french and all things francophile so I can't wait for more of your posts! :)

    ~ Joanna from

    1. Ah, it's always good to meet other francophiles - I'll actually be in France this upcoming fall, so get ready for a lot of French stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


      p.s. I love following along with your style (and sale) posts!!

  2. I loooove those pants! They look perfect for traveling! You'll have to tell me where to go in Istanbul. ;)

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    1. Ah, I never thought of wearing them for travel! And yes, I will definitely give you the low-down on Istanbul (a.k.a. the best city ever)!!


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