Cooking With Em: Almond Joy Oatmeal

Monday, July 7, 2014

I have the best ideas while sitting on my back porch - and who could blame me when my back porch is a screened-in oasis?

With the summer heat and lazy mornings, I have been searching for a way to start my day without exerting too much energy, and I found the absolute perfect breakfast: almond joy oatmeal.

I'm telling you, candy for breakfast doesn't always have to be unhealthy!

I pour myself a bowl of oats, drizzle some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, toss in a handful of almonds, a few (okay, maybe more) chocolate chips and a sprinkle of coconut shreds. You pick how much of each - although I wholly recommend a hearty serving of almonds since they pack a lot of good-for-you ingredients.

It's simply heavenly. And the best part? Between all the goodness, it actually fills you up so you aren't craving a snack before lunch rolls around.

Now you see why I had to share - it's super simple, healthy, delicious and perfect for a quick breakfast in the summer!

Are you loving on this idea as much as I am? What is your go-to breakfast? 

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