Foodie Review: Blue Door Farm Stand

Saturday, June 21, 2014

On my very last day in Lincoln Park for a while, I finally got to see what all the hype surrounding this new, farm fresh, locally-sourced restaurant was about. And it lived up to every exclamation point, hashtag and Instagram post (including my own).

If you haven't heard about Blue Door Farm Stand, it's a soup, salad and sandwich shop on Armitage, with a selection of twists on popular desserts, cute home decor and, my personal favorite, cold pressed juices! The place is like Narnia if you enjoy fresh, good food, happy people and a cozy atmosphere. I probably could have stayed in there for hours - future study spot..?

The mixture of wood and patterned tile brought me back to my days (okay, day) on the farm. The soft hues of eggshell white and robin's egg blue completes the space - even the bathroom, which is always a tell-tale sign of how well a place is maintained. Now if only they could import the fresh, open air and rustling leaves of the countryside! At least city girls now have a place to go to get their fix of wide open spaces before returning to cosmopolitan life.

The food, as pictured, was served in printed chinaware or on a cutting board (which might be my favorite serving obsession) complete with mason jar-esque accessories and lined linen napkins. Everything was delicious - I felt like I had been eating tuna salad the wrong way my entire life after one bite of their French tuna salad sandwich. And my "Hello, Sunshine" juice with carrots, apple and ginger was the absolute perfect complement, albeit a little pricey at $9 a bottle. But after hearing about their process of cold press juicing, I can understand the upcharge.

So grab your wallet and keys, favorite lunching companion and head over to the BDFS on Armitage. If I could, I would pinky promise you that it will be worth every penny!

Have you tried BDFS? Are you a fan of pressed juices? What are your favorite farm-fresh and/or juicing recipes?


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