What You Need To Know: Job/Internship Interviews

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I often hear my friends stressing out about interviews...and the whole job/internship application process in general. For some reason I thrive when it comes to applications, and interviews are one of the places I feel most in my element - I like to think I was given a gift.

As of late, I've realized how much I truly enjoy interviews and decided to share some advice with all of you twenty-somethings searching for work.

So here is what you really need to know:

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1. Relax. Easier said than done, perhaps, but interviews are just meant to let the employer know a little bit about you. How are you going to add to their office environment? Will you fit in with the other employees?

2. Tailor it. The inevitable "tell me about yourself" will happen. Just expect it. But don't give a run down of the top half of your resume - they can read. Tell them about the aspects of yourself that will make you the absolute best at this position.

3. Honesty is the best policy. You will most likely have to talk about your weaknesses and strengths at some point, despite how annoying that question can be. No sugar coating and no boasting. Are you not-so-great at time management? Let them know, and then tell them what you are doing to fix it. Are you awesome at web design? Tell them how/why you got into design.

4. Surprise them. The best thing you can do is give the interviewer answers to questions they didn't even know they had. Take their question, answer it straightforward, and then throw in that element of surprise. Oh, you want to know why you should hire me? Well, I am X, Y and Z, and also, I think it's awfully important that someone in this position cares about/has experience in this, that and the other thing.

5. Prepare & practice. Like all good things, interview skills take time to cultivate. Be sure to prepare before you walk into that room. Look up questions on Google, especially if it's for a specific field of work, and ask friends/family to practice-interview you. You will feel 10 times more relaxed if you already know most of the answers, and that way you have a clearer mind to think about the questions that catch you off-guard!

6. Everything happens for a reason. If you know you did your absolute best and the interview still went terribly, don't fret. This is usually a sign of a bad interviewer, and if they can't even interview you properly, why would you want to work for them?

*If you are really struggling with some aspect of interviews, don't hesitate to reach out to me - my advice is free and I truly love giving it!*

Do interviews make you nervous? What is your best piece of advice for an interview?


P.S. For more tips & tricks, take a look at College Atlas's 34 Crucial Tips for Job Interviews - great advice! 

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