That Time I Slept With The Windows Open

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's been a while since I've written for myself, possibly even as long as it had been since I'd slept with the windows open up until a couple of days ago.
So I figured if the weather was warming up, I would too.

I have been the luckiest person during the past month. Getting accepted into my dream study abroad program in Paris, passing all my finals, traveling to Berlin and back (safely, I might add), juggling work and my social life, finally finding the perfect jeans (thank you, Gap), some kind soul returning my lost train U-Pass, being able to see my parents, spending the Easter holiday with my best friend, and kicking off spring in good health!

I know I don't stop to think about how much I have going for me at every moment, but I definitely try to put it into perspective once a day. There is little that is more important to me about my education than keeping my humility through it all. And when I read numerous articles on globalization and the conditions of other countries and my own country's past, it tends to cynicize me to a point of no return. So my biggest challenge to myself lately has been reflection - and maybe this is going along with my goal of bringing meditation into my world - on things that I am learning and how I will use them for good. Whether it is the Peace Corps or ESL or even a 9-to-5 job that I'll have after college, I won't accept anything less than something that will allow me to lend my knowledge to others.

It amazes me every day how far we've all come in the last years. My brother is married, my cousin just had a child, my best friends from home are almost graduated, and I'm living in a big city with the greatest roommates a girl could ask for.
But what's more is that it pushes me to go further. A year and a half ago, I wouldn't have wanted anyone to read my writing - I was so conscious of what people might think and if they would confront me. Now, I love pressing that "share" button so people can take what is running through my head and use it in their own way. I hope that they confront me because the excitement of hearing someone's raw opinion is what I crave.

And I love thinking of what I'll say about my former self when another year and a half has passed...even if I will be an almost-graduate then - yikes!

I guess what I'm getting at is that through the materialistic, chronological, stereotypical content I post on here, there should always be the occasional burst of fresh air. And perhaps I just needed a literal one to remind me that I've been slacking in that department.


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