Foodie Review: Kingsbury Street Café

Monday, April 7, 2014

First of all, let it be known that my favorite meal is brunch. It may be cliché, but I am going to own up to it because I have never known a meal that can be equal parts salty & sweet, which is always an issue I struggle with.

I stumbled upon Kingsbury Street Café in an article online about the best brunch places in Lincoln Park, and while I thought I had seen it all, I was sorely mistaken. I took a trip over to the chic, yet simply decorated restaurant on Sunday with my parents and roommates in tow. It was Sunday brunch, and it was just what the doctor ordered (if you know me personally, that's quite a pun).

The restaurant is nestled behind the Whole Foods and shopping district on North Avenue, which can be terribly tricky for parking but is definitely worth it. We walked in and were greeted by a giant chalkboard and a room full of people, but thanks to an advance reservation, we were seated shortly. It didn't matter much, because we were all infatuated with the bakery display by the waiting area...

Hello specials!
There's something so authentic about a window into the chef's kitchen
*mouth watering*
The easter-themed treats were my favorite
We sat down and were given the most magnificently giant mugs of coffee within minutes (hallelujah!), which basically sealed the deal for me. And the small modern-looking plant on the table added the perfect touch of spring to the otherwise cleanly lined decor.
After perusing the menu, we all settled on our picks, including an order of the bananas foster french toast for the table. I have to apologize, I was not able to get a photo of what might have been the best french toast I have yet to experience, simply because we devoured it as soon as it hit the table - who can blame us?

However, I did snag a couple of my own meal, the Kingsbury spin on eggs benedict, and my father's order of the salmon hash (he was still raving about it as we left the restaurant, so I think it was good).

Our table pre-bananas foster french toast
Kingsbury eggs benedict with smoked BBQ chicken & spinach
The salmon hash with poached eggs & sour cream
My roommates and I are already set on returning in the next few weeks to sample the bakery items. It's safe to say this restaurant will be making an appearance on our short list of favorites for brunch!

Have you been to Kingsbury Street Café? What is your favorite brunch spot in Lincoln Park?


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