Thursday Round Up! 1/30

Thursday, January 30, 2014

1. National Flags from Food // To promote the Sydney International Food Festival, an advertising agency recreated several country's flags from their national dishes. Um...HOW COOL! If that doesn't make you want to attend the event, I honestly don't know what will. My favorite flag was definitely the French (surprise, surprise).

2. This post from Love the Search // I can't even begin to explain how much I relate to this article.

3. A DSLR-esque iPhone Lens // With my history of traveling and taking a million pictures per second with my phone, how nice would it be to have a lens that makes them quality photos? Now I just need to get my iPhone fixed so it stops turning off at 80% battery...

4. Extreme Makeover: Helmet Edition // In honor of the Superbowl being this weekend, the NFL, Bloomie's and the Council of Fashion Designers of America teamed up to do a charity auction, where each designer decorated a helmet. I came across this on Pinterest and was astounded at their outcomes. Who knew something as manly as a football helmet could become so fashion forward? I love the Nicole Miller one! 
Bowled Over 
5. Shirts for a Cause // I'm going to gush about this company now, and I probably won't ever stop. They might even appear in future Thursday Round Ups. Yes, they're that great. Sevenly is a clothing and accessories brand that teams up with a different charity each week and creates new apparel that exemplifies the cause. This week, they've teamed up with one of my personal favorites: Polaris Project. PP is dedicated to fighting modern day human trafficking - something that has always made my blood boil. And I'm absolutely in love with the shirt designs. Just look at this simple tee with such a strong message!
Slavery Boyfriend Tee
6. Powerful Photography // Alright, this is my soft side showing, but I came across this photography series by Matej Peljhan, who made a young boy with muscular distrophy feel like a normal kid for a bit and I couldn't help but tear up. If only there were more people like that.

Cheers to the weekend! 


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