That Time I Overanalyzed An E-mail

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two days ago, my statistics professor asked us to e-mail her - to verify she had all of our e-mail addresses - with our name and a short list of interesting facts about ourselves. All we had to do was write this e-mail, send it off and we could leave early. While I watched everyone around me rattle off a few sentences, I struggled. What was interesting about me? I though about all the things I've done and know, but was that really a part of me?

After realizing that I probably didn't need to do a self-evaluation on a pointless e-mail, I finally typed up a few generic facts, pressed send and packed up my things. Then later on at home, I stumbled upon this post from one my favorite bloggers, Carly Heitlinger. And so, I decided to really sit down and take a stab at writing down a few of the things that make me interesting. Plus, this helps me keep on track with one of my New Year's resolutions, so why not?

  1. I enjoy Slim Fast purely for it's chocolate-y goodness. 
  2. I would rather watch CSPAN than reality TV. 
  3. While I have two loving parents, I spent a majority of my childhood with my nanny, Gigi.
  4. I tend to pronounce things in the least common way (and get made fun of for it *ahem*). 
  5. More often than not, I dream in French. 
  6. I had to have three pints of blood transfused my freshman year of college after being anemic.
  7. That being said, I absolutely love giving blood. 
  8. I like my coffee dark and with a lot of sugar. 
  9. Even though I'm 5'10", I wear heels at least once a week. 
  10. I've been the same weight since middle school. 
  11. I tried escargot at age 10...and loved it. 
  12. Both of my parents were adopted. 
  13. I prefer nonfiction over fiction (hello, self-help books!) 
  14. Rap music is my guilty pleasure. 
  15. I love confronting issues right when they occur. 
  16. I am terrified of ice and riding bikes.
  17. Every morning before I get out of bed, I have to check my e-mail and read The Skimm.
  18. I can cook multi-step recipes easily, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out Easy Mac. 
  19. I was recently published on the Thought Catalog.
  20. One of my biggest pet peeves is being overwhelmed by retail workers in the store. 
What are some interesting things about you? 


  1. THANK YOU. Finally someone who gets me on the Slim Fast thing.

    1. Ahh, now I can bring a mug of it to work without being made fun of!


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