That Time I Had A Streak Of Bad Luck

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's no secret that my new year hasn't been the best one already, and we're only a few days in. I seem to keep having the worst luck. From having to tredge outside in this arctic blast to losing my apartment keys to burning myself horribly on soup. It's just been rough. But, as I was sitting around the table playing cards with my friends yesterday, I realized that I was moving so fast through the bad that I was hardly giving myself a second to catch the good.
Sure, the polar vortex is like living in the tundra, but at least we had a snow day that I was able to spend in great company and in a warm, cozy apartment. Perhaps I have misplaced my keys, but it's not impossible for me to get copies and if anything, it's shown me how great my roommates are. And yes, I did burn half of my hand while heating up soup today, but for some reason, I had one more pill of vitamin E in my cupboard that healed it in no time.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I may be unlucky at a lot of things, but when it really counts, I'm the luckiest in all the land. And I need to give myself the time to see this, which brings me to my point (it took a while, I know). The phrase "be still" has popped into my life at the oddest of times and its act continues to ring true. I remember the first time it made an impact. I was standing, looking out at the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul after dinner with new friends. I was joyful and scared and overwhelmed at the beauty and the change. But I chose to let the worry go and instead heard the words of my favorite The Fray song: be still and know that I'm with you.

Most people who know me know that I'm not a super religious person, but I do take my spirituality seriously. Whoever it is that embodies the "you" in that phrase is irrelevant because it reminds me unfailingly that I am not alone. This upcoming year may well be the toughest one I will face yet, and so I am adopting my mini-ritual into a more permanent habit. "Be still" is my phrase, my mantra for this year and maybe forever.

Be still and remember what is around me. Be still and know that I will make it through. Be still and know.

What is your mantra? 


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