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Monday, October 14, 2013

I never realized how different life is between your freshman and sophomore years of college until I transitioned from a freshman to a sophomore in college. Go figure.

I've dealt with a lot of adjustments, especially living in a city where I'm actually renting my first apartment instead of living in university housing. But I'm slowly learning to appreciate the skills it has given me. I will now be proficient in rent checks, paying utilities bills, having credit, and understanding the meaning of a budget before I even graduate!

Athough I'm taking this all with grace, I'm only twenty and I really was not expecting the mounting responsibility that I had to take. So I've enlisted the help of a budgeting website called

Mint allows you to create an account and sync up with your bank account(s), making budgets for whatever you might need (groceries, utilities, clothes, savings) based upon your income. Once you've set the limits for what you'd like to spend on each for the month, the site sends weekly e-mail updates on your spending - yes, it will definitely let you know if you have gone over-budget.

It has really helped me to realize the need for a budget and what areas I need to cut back on in terms of splurging and such. I could not be more thankful to have this loyal site by my side as I embark into adulthood and the world of deadlines with potentially severe consequences (hello, credit scores!)

What helps you stay on track financially? Have you used before? 


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