That Time I Furnished My First Apartment

Monday, September 2, 2013

Now that I sit back on my roommate's couch and look at the upturned room around me, I realize how much work it takes to fully furnish and decorate an apartment. It's an adventure, a burden, and a major time commitment.

I wanted this process to be done overnight, but I'm seeing how that's next to impossible, especially without a car and the beautifully worn credit card with my parents' names on it. There are still more things than I can count on both hands that we need for this place. But for some reason, it is starting to feel like home. Even though the couch doesn't have a cover and the barstools are looking like more of a DIY project than a feasible option, it has character. Our TV stand is a plastic box, we have zero chairs, and every time we run the dishwasher, I think it might bust out and fly away.
But all of these things have one common thread: they are ours.

I may not know how to make hard boiled eggs or work the air conditioner properly, but goodness if I'm not good at being thankful for this apartment, I don't know who is. Every morning I have to smile as the sun peeks into the front windows through the leaves of a giant oak tree. I will figure this out. Little by little, those measuring cups will find their way to my cupboard, and I'll be baking cookies like a professional.


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