State of the Union: September 4th

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In these recent weeks, I've been adjusting to my Chicago life again and preparing for the upcoming school year. I like to call my life at the moment my "limbo time" and while I definitely enjoyed doing some limbo-esque moves during Zumba with my sisters last night, I am not liking this transition period in my life. I'm very good at being on the move and constantly having something to do, so I'm sure this won't last for long. But here are a few updates on my world.


going to: an event at Topshop hosted by fashion bloggers Carly Cristman, Kait Hunter, and Jena Gambaccini this evening with my girls

loving: Royals by Lorde (and all of her music, if we're being honest)

thinking about: getting an internship this fall?

planning: my family's vacation to Hawaii in December, and so happy exists to help me out!

wanting: this beautiful specimen of Michael Kors


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