That Time I Started Sophomore Year

Thursday, September 19, 2013

If we're being technical, I'm already a quarter into my sophomore year thanks to my summer full of online classes. But I count this time as being the real beginning of my second year in college. Everyone has filtered back to Lincoln Park and surrounding areas. My apartment is coming together with each trip to World Market and each purchase we make online. Both of my roommates are here for good and every time I run errands, go to work, or go to class, I see familiar faces. It's funny how small this school can feel in such a large city.

And the weather has finally accepted its fate: cold, rain, and wind. But there's something oddly reassuring about it. I am so happy to be back in my domain. I am busier than ever between all my jobs, classes, homework, and sorority life. But I haven't felt this empty in a while.

I have spent the past two days (and two sleepless nights) wondering where I'm taking my life. I've decided that I think it's good to lose yourself at least once a year. By wrapping myself up in all this stuff, I've realized that I don't know where I'm going anymore. So I'm taking off a few of the layers and getting back to my core. I love to learn, so I'm learning. I love to edit, so I'm editing. I love to tutor, so I'm tutoring. And I love my sorority. So I'm...sororitying? Nevertheless, I love where I am right now because it's so deliciously new, I feel like I'm just starting to paint my life onto a blank canvas.

Stay tuned to see where I head next!


State of the Union: September 4th

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In these recent weeks, I've been adjusting to my Chicago life again and preparing for the upcoming school year. I like to call my life at the moment my "limbo time" and while I definitely enjoyed doing some limbo-esque moves during Zumba with my sisters last night, I am not liking this transition period in my life. I'm very good at being on the move and constantly having something to do, so I'm sure this won't last for long. But here are a few updates on my world.


going to: an event at Topshop hosted by fashion bloggers Carly Cristman, Kait Hunter, and Jena Gambaccini this evening with my girls

loving: Royals by Lorde (and all of her music, if we're being honest)

thinking about: getting an internship this fall?

planning: my family's vacation to Hawaii in December, and so happy exists to help me out!

wanting: this beautiful specimen of Michael Kors


That Time I Furnished My First Apartment

Monday, September 2, 2013

Now that I sit back on my roommate's couch and look at the upturned room around me, I realize how much work it takes to fully furnish and decorate an apartment. It's an adventure, a burden, and a major time commitment.

I wanted this process to be done overnight, but I'm seeing how that's next to impossible, especially without a car and the beautifully worn credit card with my parents' names on it. There are still more things than I can count on both hands that we need for this place. But for some reason, it is starting to feel like home. Even though the couch doesn't have a cover and the barstools are looking like more of a DIY project than a feasible option, it has character. Our TV stand is a plastic box, we have zero chairs, and every time we run the dishwasher, I think it might bust out and fly away.
But all of these things have one common thread: they are ours.

I may not know how to make hard boiled eggs or work the air conditioner properly, but goodness if I'm not good at being thankful for this apartment, I don't know who is. Every morning I have to smile as the sun peeks into the front windows through the leaves of a giant oak tree. I will figure this out. Little by little, those measuring cups will find their way to my cupboard, and I'll be baking cookies like a professional.