My Favorite Things: Floating Shelves

Friday, August 30, 2013

You know that moment when you have a new room to decorate and you're imagining all the things you could do? After moving into my new apartment last month, I saw the blank walls as beautiful blank canvases that were just begging to be painted. And so I did.

My collection of knicknacks has been going for quite some time now, so I knew the first thing I needed to do was shelving. I popped into The Container Store with zero expectations and left with enough shelves to fill my wall. I spent a long Sunday afternoon putting them up...okay, just kidding, my father did all the work, but I was a fantastic moral support. At the end, I stepped back and squealed. It was perfect. I was so happy with how the shelving looked and the quality of the materials. Even if assembly was tough at times, it was worth it. I mean, just look at this beauty!

 Two Deco square shelves in black, two Conceal Book shelves by Umbra, and one Tchotchke shelf in black

If you're in the market for shelving, or anything of the sort, I strongly advise you to stop by The Container Store and let them do the work for you. Seriously, just hand them the measurements, tell them what you want, and they will find you what you're looking for. Talk about fantastic customer service!


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