That Time I Neglected My Blog

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I honestly cannot remember the last time I posted, and that is an issue. With my finals week coming to a close, I can finally see the light at the end of the Freshman Year tunnel. I have loaded my schedule beyond belief the past few months, and while I enjoy being busy, a break from it all is just what I need right now.

Let's take some time to reflect on the academic year:
  • I went from being a Biology major to an International Studies major to a Political Science major, and now I'm back to International Studies
  • I started off the year being severely anemic and ended it with relapsing, but I made it through
  • I spent an entire 11 months living with the same person and I still adore her
  • I ran for a position in my sorority and got it, along with several other committee positions
  • I participated in Model Arab League and found my passion for politics
  • I got a job working for my university, was offered a position as a mentor for next fall, and was accepted to be a Copy Editor for the school newspaper
  • I finished all my classes, whether I suffered through or loved them
  • I drove 15 hours to Panama City Beach for Spring Break with two of my best friends and found out that I much prefer more worldly travels
  • I found my role model, my Big, and then had to say goodbye as she graduated
  • I remained a vegetarian despite my frequent cravings for chicken
This year has been more eventful than I could have ever imagined. I've made, lost, and kept friends. I've endured life crises where I strongly considered becoming an Anthropology major. I've spent countless hours thinking and searching for what I want in this life. I've realized that I am passionate about travel, culture, and learning, but not so passionate about the cost of a plane ticket.

I've learned that writing for me is what I do best and that I need to get back to the basics. So here I am, spending the three months of lovely sunshine, Chicago wind, and summer rain to try and figure this life out. But don't worry, I'll be keeping you all updated along the way!

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