That Time I Volunteered At An Art Gallery

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello all, it's Sunday. Or Universal Homework Day as I like to call it. Although I started my homework earlier this weekend, we all know how that goes. You stop halfway through because you tell yourself having the whole weekend ahead of you to do it. And then Sunday night comes...

I've spent a lot of time being philanthropic lately, mostly due to my sorority. But my favorite experience yet was at an art and decoration store downtown, Primitive Gallery, that was hosting an event called "Place the Hope" for Children's Place International.
I, along with Isabel, ended up selling art that Haitian children had created with acrylics and tiny canvases. Knowing that this was the first time many of the children had held a paintbrush was astonishing. The art pieces went quickly, to donors and high society people who readily handed over their credit cards and selected their art.

Besides being wow-ed by the cause, I was definitely astounded by these people's generosity, or at least how easy it was for them to justify buying one or more of these artworks. Watching them walk past in their classy outfits with designer handbags and a drink in hand, it made me realize how much I'd like to be among them someday. I mean, I guess I've gone to galas and events with my parents where they've donated to charities without thinking twice, but being on the side that was collecting and facilitating, not merely watching my father pull out his checkbook, was eye-opening. Someday I'll be at that gala, pondering art pieces and buying them from wide-eyed college volunteers.

For now, I hope to do more work with Children's Place and make an impact despite my thinning college budget. 


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