Foodie Review: Portillo's

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I wouldn't be a Chicago foodie if I hadn't already tasted the wonder that is Portillo's. This place, introduced to me by one of my Belden girls who is practically a native to the city, is dangerous for my daily calorie count, but also sinfully delicious.

I walked into the location off of Ontario St. in downtown and immediately felt like I was in an old-school diner. While the space is more airy, the retro decor and music threw me back in time. I found the order-at-the-counter style to be charming, although where to order what was a bit confusing at first. I waited a few minutes and my Portillo's chopped salad appeared on a plate adorned with crinkle-cut french fries. Then I headed over to the opposite corner of the room to pick up the famous Chocolate Cake Shake. The salad was amazing, with an original dressing spicing up traditional ingredients. The fries were standard, but somehow they seemed to taste a little better under the dim lighting and surrounding gingham-cloth-covered tables. Finally, it came time to consume my weight in the famous Portillo's dessert. It was everything I could have imagined a chocolate cake in liquid form to be. It's as if they stuffed a scrumptious piece of spongy, chocolate cake into a blender with milk and hit go.

I would say I'm coming back here, but for my own health (and avoidance of the Freshman 15) I will try my best to reserve this place for emergencies only.

Em's rating: 9
The downside? The confusing ordering system was more tough than I thought and I felt like I was jumping through hoops just to get my food at one point.

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