Foodie Review (double): John's Place and Chez Moi

Saturday, October 6, 2012

This past week, my roommate celebrated nineteen years. Although we are twins in many ways, when it comes to birthdays, we couldn't be more of opposites. I'm a sucker for a quiet, relaxing day and a good dinner with just a couple friends. Libby, on the other hand, likes to plan out her whole birthday week full of activities. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but she definitely likes to have plans for her day. Here's the breakdown of our October 4th:

Noon: Lunch at John's Place on Webster and Racine. We had hummus, which was fairly standard, to start. Then I got a tofu sandwich that had been grilled to perfection, and she got the fish tacos. The restaurant was quaint and airy, and the service was fairly quick - although that could have been due to the lack of people in the place. We left perfectly full and with leftovers.
Em's Rating: 6.5 
The downside? For the price, the food was not stellar, but I will definitely stop in again for an occasional brunch or dinner with my friends. 

4PM: After an afternoon of homework, all the girls rounded up for a workout session, called Werq, at the Ray. It was fantastic exercise and really fun, especially because we were together! We were laughing about our horrid dance skills (and about how I can't do any dance move without holding my back upright) the whole time. Highly recommended.
6PM: When everyone was done showering, we met up with the guys (even Libby's boyfriend made a trip down from Wisconsin!) and headed over to Chez Moi, a french restaurant. My goodness were we blown away when we arrived! First off, we were graciously greeted and sat at a table in this cozy, dark-wooded atmosphere lit by glimmering chandeliers. Libby received her own menu that was inscribed with a "Happy Birthday!" and the signature of Chef Dominique on the back! The servers (one of them was actually French, hailing from Bretagne) then brought out complimentary appetizers: a white bean hummus dip, garlic purée with french fries, radishes and butter, and of course, bread. All of our food was delicious, and, as we were eight, there was a lot of variety on our table. Between trout, steak, and scallops, we decided we couldn't have picked a better restaurant for the evening.
 Em's Rating: 10

Now for the best part, during dinner, Libby opened up all of our presents. Yours truly was last of course, and I was shaking from nerves - although I don't really know why - up until the moment she opened the bag I'd so precariously put together. As soon as she saw the pattern of her lovely Diane Von Furstenberg dress, she gasped "no way!" and the freak out began. I'm so very glad she liked it, and that she hadn't suspected me of getting it for her. Her reaction was probably one of the best I've ever witnessed in all my gift-giving days...and that's saying something. I guess I have my mother to thank, though. She is one of the best people I know at remembering the little things, which always makes for the best gifts. If the apple never falls far from the tree, mother is the very lowest branch and I'm the pink lady!


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