That Time I Went To The Hospital

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sorry I've been so long in writing again, but my poor little heart was having issues for about a week. And after a scary attack where I almost passed out on a train on a Saturday night, I decided it was time to see what's up. I was anemic. Which means that I didn't have enough blood in my body to go around. I'd lost the blood somewhere - somewhere that the doctors have yet to figure out. So I had a blood transfusion, missed the first three real days of class in college, and spent two sleepless nights in a hospital. But lucky for me, my mother was able to make it down and that made everything a little easier to bear.

Now I'm one of those people that loves getting my blood drawn, but the amount of needles they stuck in me is enough to make even the most experienced needle-taker cringe. My arms are all black and blue still. And not being able to eat real food while in the hospital set on some of the worst migraines ever. Needless to say, I was miserable. And the point of the story? Pay attention to your body. When something isn't right, and you'll know something's up, get it checked out right away. It saves your friends a nervous breakdown when you turn ghostly white and can't breathe.

But now I'm back and on the rebound! I jumped right into classes, of which my Bio course is my favorite. I'm laughing, studying, eating (REAL FOOD), and walking normally again. Hooray!

And in addition to my mother being there for me, my roommate, and possibly the most amazing person ever, stayed with me through it all. She even spent the first night in an uncomfortable hospital chair so I wouldn't have to go through three blood transfusions alone. Yeah, I bet you can't tell me someone did that for you. And I've received the most flowers since I was back in my dance concert days. The best being, of course, from my darling Sarah who heard about my incident and immediately ordered flowers, a bear, a balloon, and a card to be sent to my room. I love her.


Now that I've finally survived (literally) the first week of classes, it's time for a fitness & sushi night with my Belden girls!


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