That Time I Saw My Extended Family After A Year

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've been home for a little over a month now. And my mistaking-french-words-for-english-words phase is almost up. Just in time to head off to college! But I thought I'd make a quick visit to see my family before I started my new life in Chicago.

So I spent the second half of my birthday driving up to my grandparents' house where I answered endless questions about France, coming home, and how I was doing. Then I hugged them goodbye and trekked to my Aunt's* house to see her and my two lovely cousins*. And then we finally came back to the homestead for a night with the amazing Liz (my other cousin*) that had been much-needed.
*Disclaimer time: these relatives are not blood-related nor marriage-related. But they're the closest thing I have to family. My godmother, her daughters, my brother's godmother, godfather, and their daughter. But that's another story.

In my days spent with these awesome ladies, we lounged, watched TV, talked, laughed, and cooked. Yes, yours truly is still on her cooking-kick. And I'm soaking up new recipes like a dried-out sponge recently dropped in water.

Here I'll share my Aunt's famous Spinach-Feta Frittata recipe:
2 lbs spinach
10 eggs
1/2 C milk
3/4 C feta
Pinch of pepper & Tabasco
Preheat oven to 400F. Oil frying pan. Cook down spinach. Drain. Re-oil pan. Mix eggs, milk, pepper & Tabasco in a bowl. Add mixture to spinach. Cook until set*
Put in oven for 20 minutes and enjoy!
*set: when you move the pan, the mixture moves but is firm
(this is only a quarter of the gorgeous pie, it was too delicious to wait!)
I'd say my housewife skills are coming along quite splendidly. I'm even preparing dough right now to make cookies for my new dorm! Let's just say I'm embracing my love for cooking while it lasts.

I'm off to start the adventure of packing my clothes for school, it's all I have left before I'm 100% ready to pack up and leave town. Here goes nothing!


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